The PIAA Board of Directors has established the Executive Committee pursuant to authority contained in the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law and has granted the Executive Committee all power and authority permitted of it by the NPCL.

The Executive Committee consists of those persons who as of any given time occupy the positions of President, Vice President, and Treasurer of PIAA.

The principal purpose of the Executive Committee is to review and approve proposed agendas for Board of Directors' meetings as prepared by the Executive Director from requests received from District Chairmen and member schools, and such other items as the Executive Director believes are appropriate for the information or consideration of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is also to be available for consultation with the Executive Director as considered appropriate by any member of the Executive Committee or the Executive Director. The Executive Committee may also act for the Board of Directors as to matters normally within the scope of the authority of the Board of Directors (except as restricted by statute) when the interests of PIAA warrant action before the next meeting of the Board of Directors. Minutes of any such action shall be distributed to all members of the Board of Directors immediately following that meeting of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall meet prior to each regular Board of Directors meeting, sufficiently in advance of such meeting to permit finalization and distribution of the agenda for receipt by members of the Board of Directors and selected others prior to the meeting. The President in consultation with the Executive Director may call additional meetings of the Executive Committee.