1. How Do I Apply to Become a PIAA Official?
    1. Complete the PIAA Officials' Application and submit to PIAA Office at least five (5) business days prior to the exam date.
    2. Send a $30.00 NON-REFUNDABLE application fee which will cover your application and your first year's dues for all sports tested. You will receive the appropriate rules book and study sheets as part of your application fee. Application fees are valid for one (1) year and two (2) sports may be chosen for one registration fee. However, only one (1) exam may be taken per test date. Applicants shall be required to identify any crimes of which they have been convicted or have pled guilty or no contest. Background clearances are NOT to be submitted to PIAA until after you receive your test results.
  2. What Happens After I take a Sports' Examination?
    1. The PIAA Office will inform you, within two weeks, in writing, if you have achieved the minimum 75% passing grade.
    2. Upon successful completion, you must affiliate with a local officials' chapter within fifteen (15) business days of your successful notification from the PIAA Office.
    3. You must submit copies of the PIAA Board of Directors' required clearances (Act 34, Act114, and Act 151).
    4. A list of chapters and their secretaries will be sent to each successful applicant to assist them in their chapter affiliation.
    5. You will also receive the clearance instructions to assist you in the completion of your background clearances.
    6. You will NOT receive your PIAA ID Card until all clearances are completed and copies received at the PIAA Office.
    7. You will receive your PIAA emblem to be worn on the upper left sleeve of your officials' uniform. No other emblems are to be worn on the officials' uniform.
  3. What If I Fail the Exam?
    1. All applicants may take the test a second time if they fail to achieve the 75% minimum for passing. Applicants may only retest one additional time per sport within the one year registration period.
  4. Where Do I Get Officials' Uniforms and Equipment?
    1. These items can be secured at either local sporting goods stores, mail order suppliers, or by ordering from the PIAA Officials' Equipment Center. You will receive a PIAA Equipment brochure with your test results.
  5. How Are Officials' Fees Paid?
    1. Newly registered officials receive credit for their first sports' season's fees as part of their initial registration fee. PIAA officials' fees are paid one year in advance. All PIAA officials will be billed in October with a due date of February 28th of the following year.
  6. How Do I Receive Assignments?
    1. All officials are independent contractors as defined by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board and not employees of PIAA. Therefore, officials can solicit games as individuals or, in many areas of the state, games are assigned by local assignors and/or chapters.
    2. Inquiries may be directed to your chapter officers to ascertain how games are assigned in your area.
  7. What Do I Receive for My PIAA Fees?
    1. American Specialties Insurance Coverage
    2. PIAA Officials' Emblem on initial registration.
    3. Rules books and case books for respective sports.
    4. PIAA Athletic Officials' Manual (electronic version only) -more
    5. PIAA Officials' I. D. card
    6. PIAA Chapter Meeting Guides (online)
    7. PIAA Officials' Newsletters (online)
    8. A governing body (PIAA) and a representative voice in the administration of interscholastic athletics in Pennsylvania
      1. Representation of officials on District Committees and PIAA Board of Directors