Human Resources

The purpose of the Human Resources Committee is to review the Administrative and Support Staff needs of PIAA, the PIAA Employee Handbook, and the salaries, wages and benefits of the respective Administrative and Support Staffs. Recommendations relative to increases and decreases in the number of Administrators and/or Support Staff and changes to the PIAA Employee Handbook shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for its consideration. Recommendations relative to salaries and wages of the respective Administrative and Support Staffs shall be submitted to the Budget Committee for its consideration.

Each member of the Executive Committee is ex officio a member of the Human Resources Committee. The Vice President shall serve as Chairman. Every even year the President shall appoint, as additional members of the Human Resources Committee, rotating persons representing the even-numbered or odd-numbered Districts, together with such other members of the Board of Directors, as the President may consider appropriate for that year.

The Human Resources Committee shall meet at the call of the President in consultation with the Vice President and Executive Director.

The members of the 2021-2022 PIAA Human Resources Committee are as follow:

Francis M. Majikes BOD President District II Chairman
*Robert F. Hartman, Jr. BOD Vice-President District XI Chairman
Paul Leonard BOD Treasurer District V Chairman
Stephen Brandt Vice Chairman District I
Douglas M. Bohannon Chairman District III
Patrick J. Tulley Vice Chairman District III
William W. Marshall Chairman District VI
Michael E. Allison Treasurer District VII
Aaron Straub Chairman District IX
Dr. Peter P. Iacino Chairman District X
Michael W. Hawkins Chairman District XII
Corey Mosher Representative Junior High/Middle Schools'
Nathan G. Mains Chief Executive Officer PSBA
Lee Ann Wentzel Representative PASA
Ronald J. Kanaskie Representative PCA
Michael Hudak Representative Male Officials'
Elaine Arnts Representative Girls' Athletics
Robert J. Taylor Representative Male Parents'

*Indicates Chairman