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Rules Interpretation Meetings

Officials are urged to contact their local Chapter Secretary or Rules Interpreter concerning any postponements and/or rescheduling of Annual Mandatory Rules Interpretation Meetings.

The meetings listed below are updated according to the date listed in parenthesis behind the sport. Please make sure to view the most current schedule as meetings may have changed.

Fall SportsWinter SportsSpring Sports
Volleyball ** (7/27/15) Basketball (8/21/15) Track & Field (8/18/15)
Field Hockey (5/27/15) Girls' Gymnastics (7/10/15) Softball (8/18/15)
Soccer (6/3/15) Swim. & Div. (7/10/15) Baseball (8/18/15)
Football (8/13/15) Wrestling (7/10/15) Lacrosse Girls (8/21/15)
    Lacrosse Boys (8/18/15)
Chapter Interpreters Chapter Interpreters Chapter Interpreters
Fall Sports (3/19/15) Winter Sports (3/19/15) Spring Sports (10/3/14)

** All Volleyball Head Coaches are required to attend the Mandatory Rules Interpretation Meetings for Volleyball in the Fall.

  • Check the links for your sport often as we frequently update the schedules with changes - such changes are noted in RED colored text within each schedule.

  • All chapters are requested to review these schedules. If there are any changes, please contact Mrs. Cathy Good, Chapter Secretary, at the PIAA Office;, (800) 382-1392 (PA Only) or (717) 697-0374.