Board of Directors


Name Title District
James T. Zack President District IV
Francis M. Majikes Vice-President District II
James B. Manners Treasurer District IX

Members of the Board

Name Title District
Dr. Michael A. Barber Chairman District I
Dr. Randy A. Ireson Vice-Chairman District I
Francis M. Majikes Chairman District II
Ronald H. Kennedy Chairman District III
Douglas M. Bohannon Vice-Chairman District III
James T. Zack Chairman District IV
Virgil R. Palumbo Chairman District V
Dean M. Rossi Chairman District VI
John B. Fullen, Sr. Chairman District VII/WPIAL
Dr. Bart Rocco Vice-Chairman District VII/WPIAL
Scott M. Seltzer Treasurer District VII/WPIAL
Michael A. Gavlik Chairman District VIII
James B. Manners Chairman District IX
Walter J. Blucas Chairman District X
Robert F. Hartman, Jr. Chairman District XI
Robert B. Coleman Chairman District XII
Michael W. Hawkins Vice-Chairman District XII
David F. Bitting Junior High/Middle Schools' Rep Jr/Middle Sch
Nathan G. Mains PA School Boards Assn. Executive Director PSBA
Julie K. Swartfager PA School Boards Assn. Rep. PSBA
Dr. Emilie M. Lonardi PA Assn. of School Administrators Rep PASA
Dr. David A. Crumrine PA Assn. of Secondary School Principals' Rep. PASSP
Timothy P. Honeywell PA State Athletic Directors Assn. Rep. PSADA
Ronald J. Kanaskie PA Coaches Assn. Rep. PCA
Pamela R. Cherubin PIAA-Registered Female Officials' Rep. Female Off. Rep.
Herbert R. Welsh PIAA-Registered Male Officials' Rep. Male Off. Rep.
Beth L. Schulze Girls' Athletics Rep. Girls' Ath
Dennis F. Nemes Private Schools Rep. Private Sch
John J. Tommasini PA Department of Education Rep. PA Dept of Ed
Sandra J. Hanes Female Parents' Advisor Female Parent
Dale E. Myers Male Parents' Advisor Male Parent