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This area contains various forms relating to requests for decisions on eligibility and transfers, sport-specific forms, and forms for various individuals involved with high school athletics.

Documents Type Size Last UpdateSort
Certificate of Insurance Request - New!60 KB1/30/2015
Arrest/Conviction Report & Certification Form Act 24119 KB9/4/2014
PIAA CIPPE FORMS - SECTION(S) 1 - 970 KB9/4/2014
PIAA Foreign Exchange Student/International Student Eligibility Agreement593 KB8/22/2014
PIAA Application for School Membership18 KB8/20/2014
2014-2015 PIAA Order Form138 KB4/14/2014
PIAA CIPPE Form - SECTION(S) 1-9 (Spanish Version)103 KB4/4/2014
PIAA Pole Vault Verification Form22 KB4/3/2014
Officials' Inactive Status Form71 KB12/3/2013
Junior High/Middle School Certificate of Eligibility632 KB8/15/2013
Senior High Certificate of Eligibility634 KB8/14/2013
Officials' Chapter Transfer Form10 KB7/22/2013
Officials Application56 KB7/16/2013
PIAA Application for Approval of Tournament and/or Invitational17 KB7/11/2013
PIAA Member School Request for Student-Athlete to Modify Equipment or Uniform Form10 KB10/17/2012
PIAA Assignor Agreement15 KB8/28/2012
PA Department of Health: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Education and Information30 KB7/27/2012
PIAA Member School Request For Cooperative Sponsorship of a Sport Form18 KB7/12/2012
PIAA Member School Request for Decision on Athletic Eligibility Form65 KB2/24/2012
Provisional Contracting Statement17 KB10/13/2011
Pennsylvania Coaches' Association Application491 KB8/2/2011
PIAA Member School Athletic Transfer Waiver Request Form88 KB7/21/2011
Officials' Retirement Form10 KB6/30/2011
Contract for Officials' Under PIAA Rules24 KB4/19/2010
Contract for Contests Under PIAA Rules20 KB9/14/2009
Supplement to Contract for Contests Involving Non-Member Schools25 KB8/12/2009
Provisional Contracting Statement (under ACT 114 of 2006) for Officials17 KB8/11/2009
Supplement to PIAA Application for School Membership Involving PIAA Member Private Sr High Schools30 KB1/28/2009
NFHS Sanctioning Procedures196 KB8/5/2008
NFHS Application for Interstate Sanctioning111 KB8/5/2008
NFHS Application for International Sanctioning183 KB8/5/2008
PIAA Application for Sanction of Bordering States Athletic Event20 KB8/5/2008
PIAA Report of Alleged Violation(s) of Season and/or Out-Of-Season Rules & Regulations Form11 KB8/1/2008
PIAA Inter-District Site Evaluation Report11 KB8/1/2008
PIAA Member School Request for Student-Athlete to Use Either Pull or Motorized Golf Cart Form13 KB7/29/2008