Policy Review

The Board of Directors created the Policy Review Committee on August 20, 1998, partly in response to the anticipated recommendations of the Senate Special Committee on Interscholastic Athletics, scheduled for release on November 30, 1998, as well as to compile existing Board of Directors' policies, review proposed new Board of Directors' policies, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors with regard to Board of Directors' policies.

The Policy Review Committee is appointed by the President and shall meet at the call of the President in consultation with the Chairman of the Committee and Executive Director.

The members of the 2017-2018 PIAA Policy Review Committee are as follow:

James T. Zack BOD President District IV Chairman
Francis M. Majikes BOD Vice-President District II Chairman
James B. Manners BOD Treasurer District IX Chairman
Richard J. Dry Representative Junior High/Middle Schools'
Brian W. Campbell Representative PA Dept. of Education
*Nathan G. Mains Executive Director PSBA Staff
Dr. Richard L. Frerichs Representative PSBA
Dr. Emilie M. Lonardi Representative PASA
Jonathan Bauer Representative PA Principals Association
Timothy J. Walter Representative PSADA
Ronald J. Kanaskie Representative PCA
Maureen S. Williams Representative Female Officials'
William H. Sining Representative Male Officials'
Danielle Turner Representative Girls' Athletics
Aaron J. Strub Representative Private Schools'
Cathy S. Wreski Representative Female Parents'
Kevin M. Doverspike Representative Male Parents'

*Indicates Chairman