The opportunity provided by member schools to girls and boys to represent their school and community through participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege to young people in American education. Participation in interscholastic athletics, whether as an outstandng athlete, a starter, a back-up, or someone who never actually gets into a Contest, builds character traits and interpersonal skills difficult to duplicate in other seetings.

Beginning in Pittsburgh, on December 29, 1913, PIAA was given the privilege of serving its member schools and registered officials by establishing policies and adopting Contest rules that:

  1. emphasize the educational values of interscholastic athletics,
  2. promote safe and sportsmanlike competition, and
  3. provide uniform standards for all interscholastic levels of competition.

As a result of the cooperative efforts of its membership, PIAA has assisted middle school, junior high school, intermediate school, and senior high school students in participating in interscholastic athletic programs on a fair and equitable basis, thus producing important education benefits.

As we move through the 21st century, we would like to thank all of our member school Principals, Athletic Directors, coaches, and our registered Contest officials for their assistance and cooperation in developing quality athletic programs. If the staff at the PIAA Office can be of assistance in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.