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Championship Information
Documents Type Last Update
Heat Illness Prevention Guidelines - New!8/29/2018
Pre-Game Coaches Meeting, Coin Toss Procedures and Game Footballs Information8/20/2018
2018 Chapter Meeting Guide7/30/2018
2018 7 Man Mechanics7/30/2018
2018 6 Man Mechanics7/30/2018
2018-19 Football Officials' Signals7/16/2018
2017-18 Officials' Bulletin10/17/2017
2017 PIAA 6 Man Mechanics Manual8/21/2017
2017 NFHS Football Officials Signals8/8/2017
2017 NFHS Football Field Diagrams8/8/2017
2017 NFHS Football Jersey Rule8/8/2017
2017 NFHS Football Line-to-Gain Sheet8/8/2017
2017 NFHS Football Clock Operators Sheet8/8/2017
2017 PIAA Football Chapter Meeting Guide8/8/2017
2017 PIAA 7 Man Mechanics Manual8/7/2017
Site Evaluation Form11/7/2016
Site Evaluation Form11/7/2016
2016-17 Officials Bulletin I9/22/2016
Football Evaluation Form8/24/2016
2016-17 6 Man Mechanics Manual8/11/2016
2016-17 Chapter Meeting Guide8/9/2016
2016-17 7 Man Mechanics Manual8/9/2016
2016-17 Line-to-Gain and Clock Operators Instructions8/9/2016
2016-17 Officials Mechanics Points of Emphasis7/27/2016
2015 NFHS Football Rules Changes Press Release2/24/2016
7 Man Mechanics Manual - 201510/18/2015
Proper Use of the Bean Bag9/11/2015
2015-16 Officials Bulletin I9/9/2015
2015-2016 Chapter Meeting Guide8/11/2015
2014-2015 Jersey Rule8/11/2015
2015-2016 Six Man Mechanics Manual8/11/2015
Disqualification form8/11/2015
2015 NFHS Line-to-Gain Instructions8/5/2015
2015 NFHS Clock Operator Instructions8/5/2015
2014-15 Game Officials Manual Points of Emphasis4/2/2015
2014 Football Chapter Meeting Guide9/19/2014
Sideline Management Procedures7/25/2014
2014 NFHS Football Points of Emphasis6/17/2014
2014 NFHS Football Rule Change Comments6/17/2014
2014 NFHS Football Rule Changes6/17/2014