General Information

New Media Credential Process

PIAA would like to remind media outlets of the Media Credential Process that PIAA implemented in the fall of 2001. The purpose of the process is to eliminate those individuals that are not legitimate media. We hope that you will find the process to be a smooth transition and if you should have any questions, please contact our office.

Non-registered media

Please follow the steps below to register your media outlet with PIAA.

  1. Obtaining media credentials for PIAA Championships events will be handled electronically, via email and the PIAA Web site.
  2. Non-registered Media outlets, seeking credentials, will be required to reach out via the Contact Us tab on the top of website, then select media as your topic. This email will only be accepted from a PIAA-recognized management representative of a Media outlet (i.e. Editor, Sports Director, General Manager etc.)
    NOTE: The email's subject line must include the words 'PIAA Media Credential Requests'
  3. The list of persons authorized by a Media outlet will include each person's name and position (i.e. photographer, journalist, announcer etc.). The list will be stored in PIAA's database. Lists can be updated or changed at any time by logging on with your access code discussed below.
  4. Upon receipt of your email and approval, Lyndsay Barna, PIAA Assistant Executive Director, will issue an access code to the management representative.
  5. Approximately two weeks prior to each PIAA Championships Event the management representative from each Media outlet will access a secure area of the PIAA Web site. The representative will indicate which of the authorized personnel they wish to attend the upcoming event by selecting a 'check box'. The selections must be made by the posted deadlines, or the Media outlet risks missing the credentialing process entirely.
    NOTE: Outlets may be limited to the number of media personnel admitted.
  6. Approximately two days prior to each Championship Event, persons approved to receive media credentials will be posted to the PIAA Web site. You will need to logon again, with your access code, to obtain your approved list.
    NOTE: Media personnel will be required to present further identification (such as Media ID Cards) at PIAA Championships Events in order to obtain their media pass.
  7. If you have any questions, or encounter problems with the media credential process, you may email your questions to Wendy Merlina, PIAA Media Assistant, or call her at (800) 382-1392.