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Championship Information
Rules Type Last Update
2023-24 Wrestling Preseason Bulletin-Revised11/3/2023
2023-24 Wrestling Chapter Meeting Guide10/5/2023
NFHS Double Knee Kick Back Illustrations1/13/2023
NFHS Single and Double Arm Bar Illustrations1/11/2023
NFHS Head Locks- Cement Mixer and Choke Hold Illustrations1/4/2023
2022-23 Wrestling Bulletin I12/14/2022
NFHS Wrestling Official's Top Ten List For Success11/1/2022
2022-2023 Wrestling Chapter Meeting Guide10/19/2022
2022-2023 Wrestling Preseason Bulletin10/19/2022
2021-22 Wrestling Bulletin II1/7/2022
NFHS Locked Hands Memorandum and Illustrations1/7/2022
2021-22 Wrestling Bulletin I12/14/2021
2021-22 Preseason Wrestling Bulletin12/9/2021
NFHS Head Neck and Cervical Protocols11/12/2021
2021-22 NFHS Wrestling Rules Changes10/21/2021
2021-22 Wrestling Chapter Meeting Guide10/21/2021
NFHS Rule 4-1-4 Memorandum10/20/2021
2020-2021 Wrestling Bulletin 21/14/2021
2020-21 Wrestling Bulletin I12/10/2020
2020-2021 NFHS Wrestling Rules Interpretations11/3/2020
2020-21 NFHS Wrestling Points of Emphasis10/22/2020
2020-21 NFHS Wresting Rules Changes10/22/2020
2020-21 Wrestling Chapter Meeting Guide10/22/2020
2020-21 Wrestling Preseason Bulletin10/22/2020
NFHS Supporting Points in Near Fall2/4/2020
NFHS Supporting Points from the Neutral Position2/4/2020
NFHS Strikes to the Back of Head or Neck-Illegal2/4/2020
NFHS Head Neck and Cervical Protocols1/24/2020
NFHS Blair Backside Tip1/14/2020
NFHS Near Fall Inbounds Out of Bounds Illustration C1/14/2020
NFHS Near Fall Inbounds Out of Bounds Illustration B1/14/2020
NFHS Near Fall Inbounds Out of Bounds Illustration A1/14/2020
"The Assassin" Move11/22/2019
Exhibition Match Information9/25/2018
NFHS Two Piece Uniform9/22/2017