School Details:
Reading Central Middle School

PIAA District   PIAA District 3
School District   Reading
School Type   Public Junior High School

Enrollment Figures

Last Enrollment Date   Wednesday, October 13, 2021 (22/23 classification season)
Total Enrollment   1,501
Female Enrollment   743
Male Enrollment   758

Mailing Addresses

215 North 12th St., Reading, PA 19604

Phone Numbers

Main(484) 258-7365
Fax(484) 258-7333

Web Addresses

School Contacts

Geina Beaver
Allen Mccloud
Athletic Director
Boys Sports Co-op?
Boys Basketball
Boys Cross Country
Boys Soccer
Boys Track and Field
Boys Wrestling
Girls Sports Co-op?
Girls Basketball
Girls Cross Country
Field Hockey
Girls Soccer
Girls Track and Field
Girls Volleyball