School Details:
Martin Saints Classical High School

PIAA District   PIAA District 1
School District   Springfield Township
School Type   Private High School

Enrollment Figures

Last Enrollment Date   Tuesday, October 12, 2021 (22/23 classification season)
Total Enrollment   36
Female Enrollment   18
Male Enrollment   18

Mailing Addresses

121 Allison Road, Oreland, PA 19075

Phone Numbers

Main(267) 495-4865

Web Addresses

School Contacts

Adam Dickerson
Daniel Donnelly
Athletic Director
Blair Tiger
Head Coach-Wrestling - Boys
Daniel Donnelly
Head Coach-Tennis - Girls
David Merola
Head Coach-Cross Country - Boy
Francis Illingworth
Head Coach-Basketball - Boys
Kelly Pellathy
Head Coach-Track and Field - B
Boys Sports Class Co-op?
Boys Basketball A
Boys Cross Country A
Boys Track and Field AA
Girls Sports Class Co-op?
Girls Cross Country A
Girls' Tennis AA
Girls Track and Field AA