School Details:
School of the Future

PIAA District   PIAA District 12
School District   Philadelphia
School Type   Public Senior High School

Enrollment Figures

Last Enrollment Date   Thursday, October 14, 2021 (22/23 classification season)
Total Enrollment   505
Female Enrollment   276
Male Enrollment   229

Mailing Addresses


Phone Numbers

Main(215) 400-7790
Fax(215) 400-7791

School Contacts

John Smith
Christopher Jones
Athletic Director
James Patrick Lynch
David Stokes
Head Coach-Volleyball - Boys
Steven Barbigovianni
Head Coach-Soccer - Boys
Jessica Tosto
Head Coach-Soccer - Girls
Donna Mcgillberry
DQ/IR Recipient
Malcolm Pace
Head Coach-Track and Field - G
David Hand
Head Coach-Football
Harold Alexander
Head Coach-Basketball - Boys
Boys Sports Class Co-op?
Baseball AAAA Yes
Boys Basketball AAAA
Boys Bowling AAAA
Boys Cross Country AA
Football AAAA Yes
Boys Indoor Track and Field AAAA
Boys Soccer AAA Yes
Boys Track and Field AA
Boys Volleyball AA Yes
Girls Sports Class Co-op?
Girls Basketball AAAA
Girls Bowling AAAA
Girls Competitive Spirit AAA
Girls Cross Country AA
Girls Indoor Track and Field AAAA
Girls Soccer AAA Yes
Softball AAAAA Yes
Girls Track and Field AAA
Girls Volleyball AAA Yes