School Details:
Mountain View High School

PIAA District   PIAA District 2
School District   Mountain View
School Type   Public Senior High School

Enrollment Figures

Last Enrollment Date   Friday, October 13, 2023 (24/25 classification season)
Total Enrollment   242
Female Enrollment   120
Male Enrollment   122

Mailing Addresses

Main 11749 State Route 106, KINGSLEY, PA 18826
Billing RR1 BOX 339, KINGSLEY, PA 18826

Phone Numbers

Main(570) 434-2501
Fax(570) 434-9582

School Contacts

Mark Lemoncelli
Alex Pashchuk
Athletic Director
Michael Elia
Boys Sports Class Co-op?
Baseball AA
Boys Basketball AA
Boys Cross Country A
Boys Golf AA
Boys Soccer A
Boys Track and Field AA
Boys Volleyball AA
Boys Wrestling AA
Girls Sports Class Co-op?
Girls Basketball AA
Girls Cross Country A
Girls Soccer A
Softball AA
Girls Track and Field AA
Girls Volleyball A