Rules Interpretation and Chapter Meetings

The meetings listed below are updated instantly whenever the chapter secretary sets up or changes a meeting.

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Volleyball Basketball Track & Field
Field Hockey Girls' Gymnastics Softball
Soccer Swim. & Div. Baseball
Football Wrestling Lacrosse Girls
    Lacrosse Boys

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Chapter/District Interpreters
Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports

** All Volleyball Head Coaches are required to attend the Mandatory Rules Interpretation Meetings for Volleyball in the Fall.


Rules Interpretation Bulletins

Keep up-to-date with changes in rules with rules bulletins. To view bulletins please select a sport from the menu below.

Documents Type Last Update
2023 Boys' Lacrosse Bulletin 34/20/2023
2023 Boys Lacrosse Bulletin 24/5/2023
2023 Boys Lacrosse Bulletin 13/13/2023
2023 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Interpretations2/14/2023
Chapter Meeting Guide2/8/2023
2023 Boys' Lacrosse Preseason Bulletin2/8/2023
REVISED 2022 Boys' Lacrosse Bulletin 14/12/2022
2022 Boys' Lacrosse Preseason Bulletin4/7/2022
2021 Boys' Lacrosse Bulletin 24/13/2021
2021 Boys' Lacrosse Bulletin 13/22/2021
2021 Boys Lacrosse PIAA Chapter Meeting Guide2/17/2021
2021 Boys Lacrosse Preseason Bulletin2/4/2021
2020 Boys Lacrosse Preseason Bulletin2/5/2020
Boys' Lacrosse Rules Corrections - 20201/30/2020
PIAA Chapter Meeting Guide 20201/23/2020
2020 PIAA Rules Interpretation Meeting1/23/2020
NOCSAE-SEI Bulletin Regarding Lacrosse Balls1/23/2020
Boys Lacrosse Uniforms1/23/2020
2019 Boys Lacrosse Bulletin 25/13/2019
2019 Boys Lacrosse Postseason Bulletin5/13/2019
2019 Boys Lacrosse PIAA Adoptions & Modifications- REVISED5/2/2019
2019 Boys Lacrosse Preseason Bulletin- REVISED5/2/2019
2019 Boys Lacrosse Bulletin 14/15/2019
2019 Chapter Meeting Guide2/4/2019
2018 Post Season Memo5/14/2018
2018 Preseason Bulletin1/26/2018
2018 Rules Meeting Presentation1/26/2018
2018 Chapter Meeting Guide1/26/2018
2018 Points of Emphasis1/26/2018
2018 Boys Lacrosse Scorer Guidelines1/26/2018
2018 Boys Lacrosse PIAA Adoptions and Modifications1/26/2018
2018 Boys Lacrosse Press Release1/26/2018
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