2020-21 Wrestling Weight Appeal Information

For the 2020-21 season only, appeals will be permitted through a second assessment performed locally by a school’s trained assessor.  This is being done to prevent individuals having to go outside of their school “bubble” or welcome in an assessor to their campus from outside of their own school community. 

There are standards that are required for an appeal to move forward;

  1. The appeal must occur prior to a wrestler’s first competition;
  2. The appeal may only occur for those wrestlers with a current MWW within 3% of a desired weight class (3% represents the maximum percentage of error through the use of skinfold calipers);
  3. The appeal must occur consistent with a wrestlers descent plan.  Meaning, they may only lose up 1.5% of total body weight on the week to week basis in making the appeal; and
  4. An Authorized Medical Examiner (AME) will be required to sign off on the new MWW for the wrestler.

The following form must be completed for the appeal, entered into the OPC as an appeal, and forwarded to the PIAA Office for approval.