2019 Convention Presentations

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Click on the links below to access presentations submitted from the 2019 PIAA Officials' Convention

 Obstruction & Interference  Paul Pilatowski
 Screening - Did We Get Any Better?  Tim LaVan
 Officiating Basketball Championships
 Garry Dixson
 Game Management; A Common Sense Approach  Bob Bennett
 Our Evoling Game; We Must All Evolve Together  Lisa LaVan
Field Hockey:  
 Off Ball Fouls
 Dan Fletcher
 Mind Over Matter  Kathy Grove
 Brian Power: Learning the Dynamics of Complex Calls  Cindy Raney
 Officiating the Problem Areas
 Ray Klinger & Joe Scialabba
 The Umpire - The Real Leader of the Crew  Bill Legg
 Don't Be That Guy  Jim Corpora
 Penalty Administration & Mechanics  Nate Williams
Lacrosse - Boys:  
 Mechanics - Our Way to ommunicate with Everyone
 Dave Shank
 Big Calls Are Still Just Calls  Jim Fiora
 Managing the Game - Players, Parnets, & Coaches  Mike Nastasi
 Doing Less Better  Scott Dede
Lacrosse - Girls  
 DOGSO for the High School Game
 Jim Thomson
 Situations - Based on 2019 Rules and Some from the Past
 Charlie Sauer
 Managing the Line-Up Card  Brian Sonak & Kaitlin thursby
 Evaluations - Self & Assigned Observer  Eric Felack
 Preseason Clinics With Chapters & Teams  Dale Klingensmith
 Working the Plate  Randy Lose
 What Would You Do?  John Palko
 What Would You Do? - PDF Version with Notes  John Palko
Swimming and Diving:    
 The P-E-P-V-A Method
 Ted Fitzgerald
 Let's Ask the Referee  Cheryl Grier
 Diving Into a Judge's Mind  Sue Runkle
Track & Field:  
 Meet Management as the Referee & Starter
 Frank Garritano
 Responsibilities & Situations for the Meet Referee & Situations  Joe Kelly
 9 Rules You Thought You Knew
 Melinda Leonard
 How Rules Differences Between NCAA, USAV, & NFHS Impact the Officials Judgement  Doug Sherry
 Overlapping - The Uncall  Steve Cooper
 Rocky Miller