2018 Convention Presentations

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Click on the links below to access presentations submitted from the 2018 PIAA Officials' Convention

 How It's Coached/How It's Called  Brian Albertson & Bobby Lynn
Don't Be a Know it All - Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3, Handout 4, Handout 5  Dave "Whitey" Williams
 Baseball Lessons Learned  Jeff Holter
 Base Umpire Techniques and Responsibilies  Dave Brudzinski
 The 25 Most Important Things to Know about Basketball Officiating  Dr. Frank D'Angelo
 Screening   Tim LaVan
 Dealing with Coaches  Paul Skirtich
 A 45 Year Perspective  Bruce Weinstock
 Evaluators & Interpreters  Dave Concino & Dave Wright
Field Hockey:  
 Game Management - When things Go Wrong  Maureen Gregory & Dawn Grothmann
 Review of Prior Years Rules  Joe Scialabba
 Things to Think ABout While Dead Ball Officiating  Lawrence Tomei
 Difficult Officiating Situations  Mark Armstrong
Lacrosse - Boys:  
 The Slow Whistle  Richard Wendler
 Climbing the Ladder: Managing Sideline Behavior  John MacManus
 Penalty Assessment & Enforcement Unknowns  Jeremy Eldred
 Targeting the Technical  Jim Bateman
 Acronyms for Better Officiating  Kevin Bevenour
Lacrosse - Girls  
 Game Management - When Things Go Wrong  Maureen Gregory & Dawn Grothmann
 Rules and Explanation of Handling  Stephen Koury
 Game Management: Strategies for Maintaining Control  Bill Repetto
 Fouls and Misconduct  Steve Rutledge
 It is Not What is in Your Wallet; But What Pops up in Your Head  Marty Maurer
 Umpires Attitude for Success  Dave Kolojejchick
 Working the Plate  Jim Corpora
 What to do Before the First Pitch  Charlie Sauer
 Communiating with Coaches and Media  Eric Felack
Swimming and Diving:    
 Starting Wedge & RJP's  Joe Bohart
 We Are....  Connie Harakal
Track & Field:  
 Safety in the Field Events  David Longacre
 Update on PIAA Modifications of Select NFHS Track & Field and Cross Country Rules  Brad Cashman
 Starting Techniques, Seeding, Gun Care, and Equipment  David Templeton
 Professionalism: On & Off the Court - Handout  Mike Pursel
 Recognizing Overlap and When You Make the Call  Sue Wallace
 How Well do you Handle Volleyball Situations?  Carla Smith
 Working Together as a Team - 2 Official Mechanics  Scott Witmer
 Mentoring New Officials  Fred Miles
 Stalling  Mark Pocci
 Weigh-In Rules & Procedures  Mike Eichelberger & Jack Pencil
 Self Evaluation  Jeff Lane
 Multisport Officiating  Laura Baranko
 Recruitment and Retention of Officials  
 Honoree Banquet Slideshow  
 Convention Slideshow