2017 Convention Presentations

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Click on the links below to access presentations submitted from the 2017 PIAA Officials' Convention

Baseball: Luck is What Happens when Preparation meets Opporunity Mark Wahl
  What a Coach Looks for in an Umpire John McArdle
Basketball: Evaluators & Interpreters Dave Concino & Dave Wright
  Be a Good Partner Sarah Fye
  The Art of Video Breakdown Ed Corliss & Jim McMahon
  Technical Fouls Randy Pritzker
  Be a Good Partner Sarah Fye
Boys Lacrosse: You Make the Call: Cross Checks Maurice Gaskins
  What's in your Toolbox/Game Management JT Noll
  Advantage/Disadvantage Fouls: Right vs. Wrong Jim Bateman
Football: Downfield Official Mechanics & Philpsophy Bill Schoen
  The Kicking Game Corey Latsha
  NCAA Football Clinic Jim Corpora
  Legal and Illegal Blocking Techniques Ron Gregory, Mike Conlon, & Todd Dubrock
  Videos for Legal and Illegal Blocking Techniques Ron Gregory, Mike Conlin, & Todd Dubrock
Girls Lacrosse:  Positioning & Penalty Admin from 1st Draw to Final Horn Karen Blaine
Softball:  So Now You Are an Umpire: What is Next? Dave Kolojejchick
  Played - Part 2 & How to Handle the Odd Play Charlie Sauer
  How to Effectively us the DP/Flex & Line-Up Card Management Dave Tansey
  The Ins and Outs of Base Umpiring Jim Corpora
Swimming and Diving:   Referee Starter Joe Bohart
  Running an Efficient Swimming & Diving Meet Tom Brenner
  Have you Seen or Do you Know this Official? Cheryl Grier
  Mechanics of Officiating a Meet Greg Tower
Track & Field: Laser Measurement in Field Events William Gallagher
  Track Markings Francis Nesta
Volleyball: Line Judging: It's Just In or Out, Right? Chad Oberholtzer
  Preventive Officiating: What and When John Barton
  Evaluation Makes a Better Official Mike McDonald
Wrestling: It Must be a Duck Steve Snyder
  How to Properly Evaluate other Officials and have Direct Communication to Make Officials Better Kim Smith
  Wrestling Rules Game Night (Jeopardy!) Doug Fogel, John Edgell, & Kevin Clark
  Tough Calls in Tough Matches Joe Cesari
Other: The Art of Communication Dr. Frank D'Angelo
  Rights, Responsibilities, and Respect in High School Athletics John Felix & Jason Zimmerman