The Real Heroes

A school and its athletic program has a lot of moving parts for it to work smoothly and successfully. Obviously, we are all aware of the leadership and administrative positions that need to be in place for these programs to function seamlessly for their students.

But what we sometimes fail to recognize are those individuals who are irreplaceable and embody the substance and essence of the program. These are the folks that make it work. Who are always there to lend a hand, work extra hours and spend lots of time to ensure the school and the community gets the opportunity to have a good experience on game day.

These are the real heroes. The secretarial staff (oops! administrative assistants), the ticket takers/sellers, custodians, maintenance people, security attendants, student workers, booster and parent clubs that keep all of us working together as a team and pulling in the same direction. That direction is to provide a quality educational based, athletic program that provides first class opportunities for all students.

How many times has someone asked the AD or principal; what time the bus is coming or who's playing where today and the first thing you here is one of them shouting; "Helen, what's the schedule for today?" "Did we get a bus?"

Sounds kind of funny, but it is true and it's one of the things that makes athletics fun. People working together for a common goal and achieving it through effort and cooperation. What a great lesson in life!

These groups all work in concert and taking their tasks seriously, but not taking themselves too seriously so they can share a smile, a laugh and greeting to create a positive atmosphere where all of these moving parts may excel. So here's to all the Mrs. S's, Mrs. H's, Mrs. P's and Mr. K's! You are our heroes.

We thank each and every one of you that are involved in interscholastic athletics. Your service is vital to each school's success and we salute you for your dedication and efforts.

We'll take a little artistic liberty with Bonnie Tyler's, I Need A Hero.

We need a hero;
We're holding out for a hero, 'til the end of the night;
They gotta be strong;
They gotta be fast;
And they gotta be fresh from the fight.
We need a hero;
We're holding out for a hero, 'til the morning light;
They gotta be sure;
They gotta be soon and they gotta be larger than life;
We need a hero!

Here's to all the heroes. Thank you!