Who Are You?

Last week we spoke about did you know. As a follow up to that commentary, we need to discuss who is doing all the heavy lifting to ensure students are safe, healthy, complying with academic standards and playing by the rules. Quoting The Who.

Who are you,
Who, Who; Who, Who.
Who are you,
Who, Who; Who, Who.
I really want to know.....

The PIAA Constitution very clearly states that WHO is the school's principal and they are directly responsible for the school's athletic program. Now, they may delegate some of their responsibilities to the athletic director, or another administrative staff member, but this delegation does not relieve the principal of the responsibility and accountability of the activities of the school and the athletic program.

That is quite a responsibility. With all the duties and activities that occur at a school each day, the public display of a school's teams, their personnel and their actions is one of immense scrutiny and evaluation.

The time spent by an administrator on extracurricular activities on a daily basis is monumental. It is the most visible program in the school and the standards they must achieve are usually higher than many other programs at the school due to this public scrutiny and constant evaluation.

With the great assistance of a quality athletic administrator, these individuals spend long hours ensuring students are performing in an educational based athletic arena. This arena teaches them life lessons, formulates life long bonds and develops responsibilities for each student-athlete that cannot be replicated anywhere else on the high school campus.

So let's give a shout out to all the principals, athletic directors and administrators who have dedicated their lives to creating a positive atmosphere for students to excel in a laboratory of activity that furthers their educational experiences and relationships well beyond the classroom.  Educational based athletics guided by career educators create opportunities that no other athletic experience can match.

We salute these individuals for their commitment, dedication and perseverance in making the interscholastic sports arena a well-rounded, comprehensive experience to enhance the development of student-athletes.  

Thank you one and all.

Interscholastic athletics - principle based by principals.