Did You Know?

Did you know that each year PIAA has 350,000 student-athletes or more participating in interscholastic athletics?

Did you also know that each and every one of these student-athletes have attained a minimum academic standard to be eligible to compete against other student-athletes?

Did you know that each student-athlete has passed an entry level health and physical examination provided by an authorized medical examiner that indicates they are healthy and fit to participate in interscholastic athletics?

Did you know each parent/guardian gave their consent for their student-athlete to participate in athletics and have provided their signature to confirm this?

Did you know that each parent and student-athlete has been provided information which they have reviewed regarding the symptoms of concussions and cardiac arrest?

Did you know that these items are performed for each and every student who participates in interscholastic athletics in PIAA?

Did you know each and every student-athlete has to have their name submitted upon an eligibility list by sport, which is hosted upon the PIAA website, to participate in interscholastic athletics?

That is some heavy lifting of accountability, responsibility, and procedures to ensure all student-athletes are safe, healthy and doing the activities that educational based athletics demands of them to be a student first.

Interscholastic athletics: The oldest gifted program in the world!