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Championship Information
Rules Type Last Update
Lightning Procedures9/26/2018
2019 Clock Operator Guidelines5/16/2019
2019 Football Bulletin 29/5/2019
2019 Football Bulletin 310/17/2019
2019 Line to Gain Crew Guidelines5/16/2019
2019 NFHS Football Interpretations8/21/2019
2019 NFHS Press Release7/18/2019
2019 Officials Signals5/16/2019
2019 Points of Emphasis5/16/2019
2019 Pre-Season Bulletin7/18/2019
2019 Rule Changes5/16/2019
2019 Uniform Requirements7/17/2019
2020 Football Heat Acclimatization Guidelines7/23/2020
2020 NFHS Football Jersey & Pant Rule7/13/2020
2020 Sub-Varsity Football Game Modifications8/25/2020
2020-21 Football Bulletin 19/10/2020
2020-21 Football Bulletin 3 - Post Season10/27/2020
2020-21 Football Chapter Meeting Guide7/13/2020
2020-21 Football Clock Operators Sheet7/13/2020
2020-21 Football Line-to-Gain Sheet7/13/2020
2020-21 Football Preseason Rules Bulletin7/24/2020
2020-21 NFHS Football Game Officials Manual Points of Emphasis7/13/2020
2020-21 NFHS Football Officials Signals7/13/2020
2020-21 NFHS Football Points of Emphasis7/13/2020
2020-21 NFHS Football Rule Changes7/13/2020
2020-21 NFHS Football Rules Changes Press Release7/13/2020
2020-21 NFHS Football Rules Clarifications8/12/2020
2020-21 Officials Bulletin 29/28/2020
Football Officiating 1012/1/2019
Instructions for Game and Play Clock Operators4/16/2019
Official to Official Guidelines6/3/2019
PIAA 35-Point Mercy Rule10/31/2016
PIAA Play Clock Mechanics4/18/2019
Pre-Game Meeting Schedule7/24/2019
Use of the Microphone10/22/2017
Wilson Ball Cleaning Recommendations7/13/2020