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Championship Information
Rules Type Last Update
Playoff Official's Meeting2/24/2017
2017-18 NFHS Basketball Rules Press Release9/18/2017
2017-18 NFHS Basketball Rule Changes9/18/2017
2017-18 NFHS Basketball Points of Emphasis9/18/2017
2017 NFHS Basketball Powerpoint9/18/2017
2017 Basketball Pre-Season Bulletin9/18/2017
2017-18 NFHS Basketball Interpretations10/11/2017
2017-2018 NFHS Basketball Power Point10/27/2017
2017-2018 PIAA Basketball Chapter Meeting Guide11/30/2017
Two Hand Foul Reporting Guidelines2/1/2018
Inter-district playoff site evaluation report2/6/2018
PIAA Third Annual Evalautor Webinar PowerPoint2/20/2018
PIAA inter-district evaluation instructions2/20/2018
2018 Postseason Bulletin2/21/2018
2018-19 Comments on the Rules9/20/2018
2018-19 Uniform Requirements9/20/2018
2018-19 Points of Emphasis9/20/2018
2018-19 NFHS Basketball Interpretations12/12/2018
2018-19 PIAA Basketball Bulletin I12/12/2018
4th Annual Evaluators Webinar - PowerPoint Version2/11/2019
4th Annual Evaluators Webinar - PDF Version2/11/2019
2018-2019 Post Season Bulletin2/22/2019
2018-19 Preseason Bulletin3/1/2019
PIAA inter-district evaluation form-Word format3/5/2019
Basketball Observers Evaluation Form 2017 - Excel3/5/2019
2019-21 NFHS 3 Person Mechanics PowerPoint10/2/2019
2019-21 NFHS 3 Person Mechanics - PDF Version10/7/2019
2019-20 NFHS Basketball Press Release10/7/2019
2019-20 NFHS Basketball Rule Changes10/7/2019
2019-2020 NFHS Basketball Rules Interpretations10/17/2019
2019-20 Basketball Pre-Season Bulletin10/22/2019
2019-20 Basketball Bulletin 11/17/2020
2019-20 Basketball Bulletin 21/30/2020
Spalding Ball Cleaning10/27/2020
Basketball Court Diagram10/27/2020
2020-21 NFHS Basketball Rules Press Release10/27/2020
2020-21 NFHS Basketball Rule Changes10/27/2020
2020-21 Basketball Chapter Meeting Guide10/27/2020
2020-21 Basketball Preseason Bulletin10/27/2020
2020-2021 NFHS Basketball Rules Interpretations11/3/2020
2020-21 Basketball Bulletin 11/14/2021
Media Timeout Procedures3/17/2021
2021 Post Season Bulletin3/17/2021
NFHS 2021-22 Basketball Rules Interpretations10/27/2021
2021-22 Basketball Chapter Meeting Guide11/15/2021
2021-22 Basketball Preseason Bulletin11/29/2021
2021-22 Basketball Bulletin 112/14/2021
2021-22 Basketball Postseason Bulletin3/22/2022
2022-23 Basketball Summary of Changes w Rationale10/4/2022
2022-23 NFHS Basketball Two Hand Foul Reporting10/4/2022