Application Process

Step 1

ALL tournament sponsors MUST fill out the PIAA Tournament Application.


If the tournament being held meets the two criteria listed below, the school DOES NOT have to file an application, nor send in an application fee.

  1. The tournament involves only PIAA member schools AND,
  2. The tournament is sponsored by a PIAA member school

** Booster clubs ARE NOT considered member schools

Step 2

If the tournament involves a school(s) from states that BORDER Pennsylvania, you MUST fill out the PIAA Bordering States Application in addition to the PIAA Tournament Application. Bordering States Application

  • For approval of tournaments that are being hosted in bordering states and that do not require NFHS Sanctioning, check with the Host State Association.

Step 3

If your event requires NFHS sanctioning (see the list below), you MUST register for the event online at Click on Sanctioned Events and fill out the online application.

***Please note the new NFHS Sanctioning Procedures located below effective 8/1/09.

Events that require NFHS Sanctioning:

  1. Any interstate event involving two (2) or more schools which is co-sponsored by or titled in the name of an organization outside the high school community (e.g. university, a theme park, an athletic shoe/apparel company.)
  2. Non-bordering events if five (5) or more states are involved
  3. Non-bordering events if more than eight (8) schools are involved. Non-bordering events with eight teams do not require NFHS sanctioning unless there is an outside or title sponsor involved.
  4. Any event involving two (2) or more schools that involves a team from a foreign country. The host school should complete the international sanction application (the exceptions to this rule are Canada and Mexico which are considered "bordering states" by NFHS.)

For approval of tournaments that require NFHS sanctioning, please check the NFHS website at

Step 4

  1. Be sure you include your registration fee and a list of the teams invited to the tournament.
  2. Be sure the Host and/or Sponsoring PIAA-Member School's Principal has signed the application(s).
  3. Be sure you are completing paperwork by the allotted deadlines. If you have not, your registration fee must include the late fee(s).

Step 5


If non-PIAA member schools are participating in your tournament or event, you must have each non-PIAA member school complete the Contract for Contest and the Supplement to Contract for Contest. On your final list of participating schools, please designate the non-PIAA member schools that have completed and signed the Contract for Contest and Supplement to Contract to Contest by indicating recommend for participation following that non-PIAA member schools name, as set forth in the following example:

Non-PIAA Member High School recommended for participation

NOTE: This must be completed in order for New York schools to be able to participate in your tournament or event.