Chapter Meetings


The following list contains your chapter meetings. Click on a meeting for full details.

Chapter District Sport Date Location Rules Meeting
View Details 01T&F0674 1 Track and Field 2/1/2021
7:00 PM
Virtual Zoom Meeting (contact chapter secretary for link) Yes
View Details 01T&F0673 1 Track and Field 2/12/2021
7:00 PM
Online Meeting - Go to PIAA website between 2/12-3/12 Yes
View Details 01T&F0672 1 Track and Field 2/17/2021
7:00 PM
Virtual Zoom Meeting (link will be sent to Bux-Mont Chapter members) Yes
View Details 01T&F0676 1 Track and Field 2/22/2021
7:30 PM
Zoom Meeting Contact & pre-register for link Yes